Monday, August 09, 2004

Push to Protect Shop Staff

MP Michael Clapham is pushing the government to look at ways of protecting shop staff who are subject to violence and abuse from customers. Expressing his shock at a recent survey showing high levels of abuse and violence suffered by retail workers across the country he said:

I have hundreds of constituents who earn their living working in shops. They should not have to put up with abuse, threats or violence at work. The levels suffered by shopkeepers who go to work to serve customers is intolerable.

USDAW's survey showed that many of the incidents were triggered by staff asking for ID or refusing to sell alcohol or cigarettes to youngsters who were under age.

I will be asking the government to look at how we can better protect staff who are upholding the law and who are tring to stop youngsters harming themselves.

Anyone with information regarding such incidents in Barnsley should contact Michael's office on 01226 731244.


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